mtu Kinetic PowerPack

Strong power, good to the environment.

Stable supply with mtu Kinetic PowerPack

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for dynamic times: take optimal precautions against an unstable power supply with an mtu Kinetic PowerPack! Because dynamic UPS systems, such as mtu Kinetic PowerPacks, are powered by kinetic energy, they offer many advantages over static UPS systems. We at RHK Energy Solutions offer you a safe and stable alternative to static UPS systems with mtu Kinetic PowerPacks.

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The mode of operation.

In mains operation, the UPS system is supplied from the grid. Here, a generator drives a flywheel. In the event of a power failure, the energy stored in the flywheel provides the output voltage until the diesel engine is running and takes over the further power supply.

The structure.

An mtu Kinetic PowerPack combines a rotating UPS system and an emergency diesel in a single, integrated and compact solution. The UPS system consists of two main components: The machine set (with diesel engine, synchronous machine/generator and kinetic energy storage) and the switchgear (with power and control section).

Uninterruptible without batteries.

In the event of a power failure, static UPS systems use the energy stored in batteries for the output voltage. Dynamic UPS systems offer the advantage that the output voltage comes from the kinetic energy stored in the flywheel and they therefore do not require batteries.

High efficiency and lifetime.

mtu Kinetic PowerPacks achieve the greatest possible efficiency at different load levels. Due to their sophisticated construction and operation, a long service life and an overhaul interval of approx. 10 to 12 years can be guaranteed.

Voltage regulator included.

Dynamic UPS systems also act as voltage regulators to compensate for short interruptions (microcuts), current and voltage fluctuations, and frequency deviations.

Turnkey solutions.

mtu Kinetic PowerPacks are available as turnkey systems - either based on our standard models or as customized solutions for your specific requirements.

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